It’s the poor who voted, it’s the poor who lost, it’s the poor who died and it’s the poor who are still in the camps. Who/where do they run to? Are they still part of us? And if so, why do we refer to them as IDPS and not as Kenyans? Should they just wait for the government to come to their rescue? New NGOs come up every day but what’s their cause really? Guess now we finally understand that, IN KENYA, AN HONEST POLITICIAN IS QUITE UNTHINKABBLE AS AN HONEST BURGLAR!! Touched and compelled by this, i could only seek to compare our KENYA with this piece of poetic brilliance:


They say the 60s were crazy, but I say the 80s were worse, crack f**kd blacks and gave birth to a curse, the moons is bright and the sky is misty, I know my future coz I know my history. I won’t stop fighting until am free, raised in a country of fallen angels where people aren’t afraid to breed. If money is the root of all evil, the greed is the seed, this isn’t living we are talking coz nobody is giving. They crucified Jesus Christ , sold Marcus Gravy for rice, shot Malcolm-X in the chest and gave Mandela life, Pac died at 25, Biggie died a year younger, all my life been broke, am motivated by my hunger. Kenya is a rich man’s vision but a poor man’s prison so never expect these politicians to give us a pot to piss in. preacher man stop preaching coz people aren’t ready to listen, parents have lost hope and stopped trying. Life is a bitch from the start, that’s why you come out of your mama crying, the world is dying and people are going mad, that’s why I would take a sh*t in the state house and w*pe myself with the flag. I have had a lot of pain in my heart, that’s why I started to rap, so who will you all call when I break all the rules for every innocent criminal out there and behind bars????***TATOOED ACROSS MY HEART ARE THESE WORDS I JUST SPOKE***”

If we don’t pro-act aggressively, then our fortunes will always be tied to theirs (no hate speech) and lets all quit the politics of ethnic arithmetic.

**muchai out**



                    COOL: THEY & WE THOUGHT


They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded, TURKANA.

They thought it was cool to tore down Coffee farms and bring up million dollar projects, TATU CITY.

They thought it was cool to tear down Kibera and put up million dollar flats, GENTRIFICATION.

They thought it was cool to profit out of scams, NHIF.

They thought it was cool to be a MILITARY SUPER POWER/

While we thought it is un-cool for us to stand as a HUMANITARIAN SUPER POWER.

We thought it was cool to buy the rumours of a better world, ELECTION POLITICS.

We thought it was cool to give our baby boys toy jets while giving our baby daughters stuffed dolls’

Yet we think it’s cool to cry foul over  GENDER INEQUALITY & DEATH OF FEMINISM!

                     Freeze!!  Because the problem is that we think it’s cool too.

                     Check your ingredients before you overdose on the cool.


i relate to this words so much

Know My Worth

Lies reverberate
inside my head
as a familiar concert


Comments said in days gone by
become the station I tune in today

I watch
old stories dance in time,
linking arms with new experiences
pulling those fresh faces
onto a dance floor
coated with poison

The songs are
always the same:
I’m not good enough
I’m not smart enough
I’m not … enough

Why do I continue to play
these dissonant melodies?

Do these sad sounds
somehow bring me comfort
with their familiar tune?

this chorus
is filled
with lies
I need to stop
replaying the verses.

New experiences must
lead a contemporary tango
What I hear and know today must
become the orchestral swell

I am enough
Just as I am
Just for who I am
Just because I am


Old stories,
Old comments,
are played-out tunes
no longer welcome in this…

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Yes, reality can be harsh at times,

But you have to constantly carve a place for yourself in this ruthless world and hold onto it,

Whistle-blowing never pays in Kenya,

But Miguna Miguna knows how to stay relevant,

I guess it’s the scars of the wounds inflicted by his nemesis finally itching,

Bills will never pay themselves,

So never blame the preacher man, who preaches water but drinks wine,

Guess that’s why I salute the phony-politicians out-there

Coz the best lies are those that conform to a tangent closest to the truth.

Indeed, quite an intricate art these portent liars have perfected,

For it’s never easy to create a lie that’s webbed so close to the “lie”.

You could whine all day wishing things were different,

Watch reality shows,

But it would be easier if you just embraced the reality’

Otherwise, every time you wake up, you’ll always find your answers still asleep.

We all know it isn’t easy but anyway,

The first week after a break up, alone always feels the same.

That’s the time they’re in our minds more than they ever were,

And then it finally hits us,

It takes twice as much to forget than it took to know someone.

And the scars forced upon us shall always deter from those we forced unto us ourselves.

My state of mind: PURPLE




So, I was just kicking it with this awesome chick in school the other day when something happened to me while listening to her talk. I had never let my mind wonder at that direction but there I was deep and lost in this “new side”. It had finally hit me, yes we share the same skin color but our differences are way deeper.  A weird week that was indeed, with G-MONEY tweeting that he was having his first matatu ride!!! Seriously dude????. Maybe that’s the differentiating “it” factor but to me it goes way beyond that judging from < relationship, kind of girl/guy, fashion, music, dance to even food preferences>.  Now, I choose two things where I seem to differ with a lot of people:


@BIG MIKE “am 98% body fat, I know am not the prettiest guy but hell, I know am sexy. Clubs are for the pretty but Chuck E. Cheese is for the grown and sexy. Twenty five years of marriage in a day and age of divorce, is sexy. Victoria Secret and hooker boots can never compare to a milf in the supermarket with curlers, sweats and those house shoes because that’s hell sexy. Librarians are sexy, teachers are sexy. Look beneath the surface and look up the meaning of sexy. my big and tall gear may never get me red carpet status, my jewelry has no bling but i pride myself on the fact that am pretty good at this daddy thing which many young and pretty couples suck at because they are busy getting their groove on, they are surely not sexy. So I Big Mike, a daddy, a faithful husband, teacher, a loyal friend and a responsible man, I MAY NOT BE THE PREETIEST BUT AM SEXY”    


@GABRIELLA “you make sick, you’re so full of sh*t, you’re the fish I would throw back but for some reason, as opposites we attract. All the qualities of my soul-mate you lack. Your attempts of been romantic are just pathetic because the last massage you gave me I required a paramedic. You’re a die-hard Nas fan, I love Jay-z, you think Angelina Jolie is the epitome of beauty, I think she is overrated and her lips are crusty. You like chiqs who are busty and am a member of the itty bitty titty committee. However, I still love you like Whitney loves crack and for some reason, as opposites we attract.   

@DAN & KELLY “6000000 ways to die and I choose marriage. it’s not that I hate my mate, it’s just that sometimes life’s a b*cth and every now and then i feel as if am dying a slow death because love seems to be the misunderstanding between two fools since like two fools, we argue about foolishness. We never argue about the money but we argue about the dishes. However, the argument is never about whose going to do the dishes do but how to do the dishes. We argue, fuss and fight because no one wants to loose. —————— At the end, it always hits us, as opposites we attract and she is the ying inside my yang. And if there are 5999999 other ways for us to die, this is the one we choose.”

  However, this is my opinion, 

 MUCHAI © “if you feel something like love for me, do not let me know so soon when i feel nothing so certain for you. Wait till you have concurred my pride and my feeling of self-righteousness, by pretending not to care for me. i beg you, if you know your eyes will give you away, don’t stare into mine coz they are cold. Wait till our heart beats have settled and are in synch and then put your head on my shoulder. I beg you not to surrender yourself until our liking has developed to love. Let’s stop and look back, stand back to back, say goodbye for the day and walk our different ways without straining to hear if there is an echo to our last words. Let’s not make promises that time may choose to bypass. Wait until our feelings are both free, until our love is ripe, then and only then can we confide to each other what we feel for what happens in the shower, syays in the shower. For, me, I don’t believe that opposites attract unless in physics 101, that’s me, and sexy is that which makes me stare for it has a touch of: beauty, class, pride and attitude, it’s that simple.