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It’s the poor who voted, it’s the poor who lost, it’s the poor who died and it’s the poor who are still in the camps. Who/where do they run to? Are they still part of us? And if so, why do we refer to them as IDPS and not as Kenyans? Should they just wait for the government to come to their rescue? New NGOs come up every day but what’s their cause really? Guess now we finally understand that, IN KENYA, AN HONEST POLITICIAN IS QUITE UNTHINKABBLE AS AN HONEST BURGLAR!! Touched and compelled by this, i could only seek to compare our KENYA with this piece of poetic brilliance:


They say the 60s were crazy, but I say the 80s were worse, crack f**kd blacks and gave birth to a curse, the moons is bright and the sky is misty, I know my future coz I know my history. I won’t stop fighting until am free, raised in a country of fallen angels where people aren’t afraid to breed. If money is the root of all evil, the greed is the seed, this isn’t living we are talking coz nobody is giving. They crucified Jesus Christ , sold Marcus Gravy for rice, shot Malcolm-X in the chest and gave Mandela life, Pac died at 25, Biggie died a year younger, all my life been broke, am motivated by my hunger. Kenya is a rich man’s vision but a poor man’s prison so never expect these politicians to give us a pot to piss in. preacher man stop preaching coz people aren’t ready to listen, parents have lost hope and stopped trying. Life is a bitch from the start, that’s why you come out of your mama crying, the world is dying and people are going mad, that’s why I would take a sh*t in the state house and w*pe myself with the flag. I have had a lot of pain in my heart, that’s why I started to rap, so who will you all call when I break all the rules for every innocent criminal out there and behind bars????***TATOOED ACROSS MY HEART ARE THESE WORDS I JUST SPOKE***”

If we don’t pro-act aggressively, then our fortunes will always be tied to theirs (no hate speech) and lets all quit the politics of ethnic arithmetic.

**muchai out**


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  1. wakanyi ⋅

    an honest buglar…. I loove this one

  2. slymtete

    this is beautiful and its such a pity i did not read it before it feels so gud that am still the first to comment on it,i hope i can make it up to u

  3. lynette ⋅

    heh,sawa!creativity at its bst

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