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Yes, reality can be harsh at times,

But you have to constantly carve a place for yourself in this ruthless world and hold onto it,

Whistle-blowing never pays in Kenya,

But Miguna Miguna knows how to stay relevant,

I guess it’s the scars of the wounds inflicted by his nemesis finally itching,

Bills will never pay themselves,

So never blame the preacher man, who preaches water but drinks wine,

Guess that’s why I salute the phony-politicians out-there

Coz the best lies are those that conform to a tangent closest to the truth.

Indeed, quite an intricate art these portent liars have perfected,

For it’s never easy to create a lie that’s webbed so close to the “lie”.

You could whine all day wishing things were different,

Watch reality shows,

But it would be easier if you just embraced the reality’

Otherwise, every time you wake up, you’ll always find your answers still asleep.

We all know it isn’t easy but anyway,

The first week after a break up, alone always feels the same.

That’s the time they’re in our minds more than they ever were,

And then it finally hits us,

It takes twice as much to forget than it took to know someone.

And the scars forced upon us shall always deter from those we forced unto us ourselves.

My state of mind: PURPLE


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One response to “STATE OF MIND: PURPLE

  1. Solace

    Okay… Someone’s having his buttons pushed.

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